Free Meditation Classes in Cape Town

Welcome to Meditation Cape Town, the online home of the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Cape Town.

We wholeheartedly invite you to explore our site. Due to circumstances outside our control, we are unfortunately not offering any meditation workshops in Cape Town at the present time. However, we do hope to be able to resume our courses in the near future. Details of our future workshops will be posted on this site. As an interim measure, you might find this online meditation course developed by our New Zealand Centre helpful.

Not sure what meditation is all about?

Have a browse through our Q & A on meditation.

What do we cover in our meditation classes?

  • The ABC’s of meditation including concentration and focusing on the breath.
  • Using mantras to help still the mind.
  • Meditating on the spiritual heart.
  • Music and meditation.
  • Creative visualisations.
  • Snippets of philosophy on meditation and the spiritual life.
  • Tips for starting and maintaining your meditation practice at home.
  • What is a spiritual teacher and how do we choose the teacher who is meant for us.

What kind of meditation do we teach?

The classes are a general introduction to meditation with a particular focus on meditation in the spiritual heart centre.  We draw on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy who for over 35 years offered meditations for delegates and staff at the United Nations in New York.

Who should come?

  • The classes are great for beginners who have not yet ventured into the world of meditation
  • Many people who are a bit more experienced or who have perhaps tried meditation before have also found that they derive signifcant benefit from participating in the class environment and interacting with not just the presenters but all the class participants.

How much does it cost?

All our classes are offered free of charge as a community service.

What should I bring?

  • Its good to wear warm and comfortable clothing. Normally we sit on chairs in the classes but it can get chilly when you sit still for a long time.
  • The most important thing to bring is your sincere determination and aspiration to learn meditation!

Who are the class presenters?

The classes are presented by brothers, Abhijatri and Balarka Robinson from the Johannesburg Sri Chinmoy Centre. Abhijatri and Balarka have been students of Sri Chinmoy for over 15 years. Click here for more details.

If you belong to a specific religious group, is it contradictory to meditate?

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation far surpasses the barriers of religion. One can follow any religion. Meditation is like a school, and religion is like a house. You can go to a school or college no matter which house you live in. Everybody can meditate no matter what religion he belongs to or even if he does not belong to any religion.