About our meditation classes

Our free meditation courses in Cape Town are generally held on Saturdays and last approximately 4 hours. In these workshops we cover a range of meditation topics and introduce participants to the practice of meditation through a series of guided exercises. Our aim is to provide participants with a strong enough foundation in meditation to allow them to continue their practice at home at the end of the course.

Some of the topics covered include: the ABC’s of meditation, mantras, creative visualisations, music and meditation and what it means to follow a spiritual path. The writings and teachings of Sri Chinmoy are used throughout the courses as a foundation for the various topics particularly meditation in the context of the spiritual journey.

Our courses are informal and friendly and wherever possible our instructors draw upon their own personal experiences and stories to help demonstrate some of the secrets and potential pitfalls in establishing a meditation practice.

Our current course venues are located close to the centre of Cape Town.