The Missing Part of My Life

By Amina Smith

We gravitate to and practise meditation because of the desire to live a life of purity and in gratitude.

What is meditation or should we say, what do we achieve when we meditate?

We get inner peace that can be translated to Happiness, Tranquility, Joy, Spiritual Upliftment, Contentment, Tolerance, Positive energy, Patience, Connection to the Almighty. What more does a human being want?

By investing 10 minutes, 20 minutes or half an hour per day meditating, we get the above, in addition to specific health benefits, e.g. improved sleep patterns, relaxation of tension in the body and mind, increased concentration and increased vitality. We personally enjoy the benefits and it is also felt by those close to us and the people that we associate with.

I view meditation as a blessing and therefore recommend it to others. As mentioned before, meditation does a lot more than stress relief. When I came across the Sri Chinmoy type of meditation, I learnt:

– that prayer and meditation gives us inner strength
– practise means progress and by regularly practising, we are on the right track
– we have options to aid us in our meditation, like using peaceful music, a candle, a vase of flowers or incense. These aids help us to still the mind, open the spiritual heart and become conscious of our deeper spirituality
– once we feel the benefits, even after meditating for the first time, we aspire to, commit and are determined to practise meditation regularly.
– meditation affects the heart, the mind, the soul and the whole of the physical body and our spirituality is enhanced

I believe that I live the life that I was destined for. Meditation was the missing part of my life, and now I feel fulfilled. I am happy, and I feel joy, love, peace, contentment and gratitude.

Amina lives in Cape Town and is actively involved in helping women in her community.

My Meditation Journey

Ian-Forbes-150-wide By Ian Forbes (Cape Town)

It’s been 3 months since I started meditation. I joined the meditation workshop and discovered the true meaning and value of silence and quieting the mind; I felt inspired and meditated every morning thereafter. After some days of meditating I realized that my desire was to change things in my life; suddenly one day while meditating I realized that I can change and that most of all I needed to be the change I wanted to see; since then I knew that my journey to change had started.

I felt more inspired and created a little shrine where I meditate; this is my sacred space where I connect with inner self; meditation became a part of my day-to-day living, like having to wash my face every morning.

At times it was hard and sometimes frustrating knowing that I had to instill a discipline; I continued to aspire, as somehow I knew that this was the inner strength I needed.

Many days of complete inner peace and joy followed after I meditated (it’s the kind of joy one can hardly explain). I felt that by meditating I had somehow discovered my true self again. Ongoing, my meditations taught me so much about myself, things I never knew about myself; meditation has taught me to take the time to really look deep within myself. I discovered that most of the issues I had been faced with were related to fear, which in turn had left me with feelings of anger and despair.

Day by day I continued to meditate, sometimes I even felt sad after meditating but I realized that it was not sadness but an inner joy that was slowly emerging because of my aspiration and feeling of gratitude towards what I had discovered. My fears started showing up every now and then through various situations and confrontations but unbelievably this time instead of turning away I faced them head on. I realized that through meditation I had developed an inner strength.

I realize now that we are all connected in this world, so whatever attitude I adopt to approach things in this world, it is exactly what I will get back.

I realize that to know oneself is to know God; meditation has become like a dear friend to me, like someone who never leaves you feeling empty or lonely. Meditation has taught me what the true value of life is; I have less desire for the material world since I realized the true value of inner peace; this is something no money can buy.

Discovering inner peace has led me to be a happier person:

❀ I have learned to complain less

❀ I have learned to appreciate and value good people in my life

❀ I have learned not to allow myself to be tortured by situations

❀ I have learned how special God is when one allows him to touch one’s life

❀ I have learned to see beauty in everything

❀ I have learned to adopt a calm approach to things and focus on my inner peace

❀ I have learned to give without expectation

❀ I have learned to lose bad habits by simply dropping them

❀ I have learned to treasure my new friends in my life (peace, joy, love, gratitude and light)

Special people have come into my life simply because of who I have become.

Meditation has transformed my life:

❀ I can be happy

❀ I can forgive

❀ I can love

❀ I can lend a hand

Meditation for me has no end; it is a divine way of living, learning and inspiring with gratitude and grace in this modern day and age.

Ian Forbes recently started meditating and lives in Cape Town.