One of the key things I began to realise when I started to meditate was that rather than looking for happiness and fulfilment outside of myself I was now searching for it within. I had always felt that something was missing but I had never been aware that there is a whole field of endeavour which we could loosely call the “spiritual life” where we search for real happiness within.  

Normally my outer life had involved some kind of endeavour or challenge – trying to get a promotion or trying to win the affections of a new partner or saving for a new car or trip away. Now I was starting to realise that instead of going head to head with my outer challenges I was now challenging all the darkness in me. Each of us has challenges, for one person it my be jealousy and insecurity for another it may be fear or anger or doubt. Through meditation I learnt that I didn’t actually need to “fight” these things. All that I needed to do was still the mind and allow the light of my soul to permeate into each and every corner of my being. That light is like a miracle cure and slowly and steadily my life started to change and improve.  The experience of this inner light is like nothing else in the world – it sooths and uplifts and brings an overwhelming experience of peace and stillness.

I still have challenges but now I have an eternal ally that, when I rely on it, saves me from depending on my own capacity or lack thereof to do everything.

Sri Chinmoy wrote a beautiful book of cute rhyming poems called “I Go Out, I Come In”. Here are a few of my favourite poems from it:


When I go out,
I need what I find.
When I come in,
I find what I need.

When I go out
I spend money.
When I come in,
I drink honey.


When I go out,
I see the flow.
When I come in,
I become the glow.


The rest of the book is delightful and can be found here  “I Go Out, I Come In”  – Sri Chinmoy Library. Nearly 1200 of Sri Chinmoy’s 1600 books are available at in a searchable form.