Whose afraid of who

It was a hot Johannesburg Sunday afternoon and we were in the tennis club giving a 3 hour meditation workshop. Outside, our friend Usher, an ex-policeman from a remote village in Zimbabwe called Tsholotsho was guarding the cars that belonged to all the meditation class participants. Inside we were talking about peace and oneness and the like but outside something altogether different was developing.

As and ex-policeman Usher knew that when you are guarding it is good to establish your perimeter and introduce yourself to anybody nearby. About 60 m from our tennis club was a scout hall where a wedding was taking place. Usher spotted the car guard for the wedding and approached him to say hello. The wedding guard however thought that Usher was coming with an altogether different intention so he took off to get some backup. Usher was a little perplexed but being very experienced did not worry. His wife, who was keeping him company, said “Shouldn’t we get the brothers” meaning Balarka and I to which Usher confidently replied “Don’t worry I was in support unit” (an elite police division in Zimbabwe).

A few minutes later a private armed response vehicle screeched around the corner and two rather menacing individuals got out, one armed to the teeth and kitted out in a bullet proof jacket, the other the wedding car guard. The armed guard approached Usher gun in hand saying “Why were you trying to threaten this man?”

Usher smiled and said “I wasn’t trying to threaten anyone”. Then the mood completely changed because they recognised each other’s accents and very quickly discovered something. The armed guard and the wedding guard were also from the same remote village of Tsholotsho – before they knew it they were all best of friends talking with great gusto.

So often in our outer life we approach situations with an unfounded fear. It completely changes the way we respond and act. When we learn to meditate we start to experience a real oneness with the world around us. This oneness not only takes away our fear but it completely changes the way that people react to us. We can all feel it when somebody has a genuine oneness with us and we in return are not threatened and our hearts come to the fore. For me this is like a little miracle that happens every day!

Be universal in your love.
You will see the universe
To be a picture
Of your own being.

~ Sri Chinmoy

Abhijatri Robinson

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  1. amina smith says:

    Thank you for sharing this story and the lessons